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ITxPT standard helps Pilotfish enter the rail IT market

NETHERLANDS: Swedish company Pilotfish is to work with German firm IVU Traffic Technologies to supply its vehicle gateway units and a back-office system for the 18 new Stadler WINK and 51 refurbished GTW diesel multiple-units which Arriva is to operate on regional routes in Friesland and Groningen under the Noordelijke Lijnen concession starting in December 2020.

The vehicle gateways will connect onboard systems to each other and to the internet, integrating all onboard systems that are compatible with the Information Technology for Public Transport standard.

The cloud-based back-office and user interface will make information accessible through computers or mobile devices.  

‘Our solutions for buses and trams have great potential for trains, and the European ITxPT standard makes it possible for new and smaller actors to enter a relatively closed market’, said Pilotfish CEO Tomas Gabinus. ‘This increases competition and speeds up innovation and development.’ 

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