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Distribution deal signed after InnoTrans demonstration

USA: Having seeing the product in action at InnoTrans 2018, PowerRail has negotiated to be the sole US distributor of German company  SORB’s PowerSORB, an organic material which can absorb up to four times its own weight of spilled lubricants, oils, paints, dyes, coolants and other fluids on surfaces including roads and water.

PowerSorb is supplied as dry material for direct application to a spill, pillows and tubes to surround a spill and rail mats designed to fit between the tracks to absorb leaks from locomotive in maintenance and storage depots.

‘We were all so impressed’, said Butch Gaudet, Vice-President of Engineering & Quality at PowerRail. ‘Throughout my career, I have worked 19 years in the power generation, marine and rail industries, and have never seen a product like this that absorbs almost no water and can give you a proved grip of 97%. The uses for PowerSORB, in the field and in the shop, are endless.’


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