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‘Don’t travel unless you must,’ urges Eurostar

EUROSTAR services between London and Paris are being disrupted by more industrial action by French customs officers.

There have been long delays at Paris Nord, and some Eurostar services will be cancelled until the end of the month.

The action, which is set to end tomorrow, is connected with the possible effects of Brexit, which the French customs union says will increase the amount of work its members will have to do when British travellers no longer have EU passports.

Eurostar said the average wait was around two hours, but some passengers have complained that it had taken more than four hours to negotiate the queues.

The French government offered the 17,000 customs staff a pay rise totalling €14 million Euros, but this was rejected before the weekend.

Eurostar has apologised for the disruption, and said all bookings could be changed to a later date without charge. Passengers held up for more than an hour are also entitled to compensation.

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