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Government ‘to go ahead’ with law to limit rail strikes

A NEW law limiting the ability of rail unions to disrupt services by industrial action can be expected in the Queen’s Speech tomorrow, it has been reported.

The Conservatives had outlined such a law in their election manifesto, and transport secretary Grant Shapps has told the Evening Standard that the new legislation will require a ‘bare bones’ service to be provided during walkouts, although the extent of such services has yet to be revealed.

Mr Shapps said the law would uphold the ‘basic right’ to get to work, and that union leaders would be prevented from ‘holding to ransom’ rail users.

The transport secretary is quoted as saying: ‘The ability of a few people to prevent everyone from being able to earn a living has to come to an end. The new law will prevent London being brought to a standstill, with all the additional environmental damage done by people reverting to cars.’

South Western Railway is maintaining limited services on its main routes as the RMT sfrikes continue. At the moment, unless there is a new breakthrough, the strikes seem likely to continue as planned until 2 January.

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