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Rail passengers could be welcome again soon

THERE is growing speculation that the government is poised to change its ‘anti-public transport’ message soon as part of continued easing of lockdown restrictions.

Until now, passengers have been urged not to use trains, trams and other public transport if they can find another way to travel, although facemasks are compulsory on board except for people who can claim exceptions.

As more people return to work, concern has been growing that the roads will become very congested and air pollution rise, if more commuters than before use their cars.

As a result, it is being reported that Boris Johnson is set to change the official message to ‘travel safe this summer’ when he holds a news conference tomorrow.

Rail Delivery Goup chief strategy officer Andy Bagnall said: ‘Rail companies want to support the government in striking the difficult balance between reopening the economy, which of course means more rail travel, and guarding against a further widespread outbreak of the virus.

‘As the economy reopens this summer that means reassuring people so they have confidence to travel safely while adhering to government advice. Train operators are maximising capacity, boosting cleaning and helping with hygiene while also asking passengers to travel at quieter times where they can and to protect others by wearing a face covering.’

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