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Protests follow reports of inflation-plus fare rises

IT has been reported that fares on National Rail trains in England are set to rise by last July’s RPI plus one per cent in January, or 2.6 per cent, as the government tries to recover some of the additional funding which has been needed to keep the former franchises running during the pandemic.

If such a rise took place, it would be the first above-inflation increase, as defined by the Retail Prices Index, for eight years.

However, Labour’s shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon said: ‘An inflation-busting rise in rail fares would be completely wrong. It would make travel more unaffordable at a time when it is vital to secure the future of the network.

‘The Government’s incompetent approach means British taxpayers are paying the profit of rail companies owned by foreign governments. Instead, we should bring the network in house, providing better value for the taxpayer and passengers.’

The DfT has not commented.

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