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Transport for London set to gain ‘short-term funding deal’

Updated 10.18

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON has been offered a short-term funding extension which would run for a further two months on the same terms as now.

The deal has not yet been accepted. TfL said: We continue to discuss with the DfT our need for further financial support and a long-term capital funding deal to enable a strong and robust recovery from the pandemic. The DfT have yesterday evening (18 March) written to us on this. We are reviewing their letter and will respond in due course.’

The Mayor’s Office added: ‘We will work as quickly as possible to determine whether this is in Londoners’ best interests’, but Labour shadow transport minister Sam Tarry said: ‘When ridership numbers are at a record low with the Covid crisis keeping commuters away, yet another piecemeal funding deal only serves to kick the can down the road for a few more weeks.

‘The Government needs to get a grip and finally deliver a long-term funding package that secures the future of our urban transport networks.’

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