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New general secretary of RMT named

MICK LYNCH has been elected as the RMT’s new general secretary, succeeding Mick Cash and beating senior assistant general secretary Steve Hedley, who had also been a candidate.

Mr Cash had been in the post since the death of his predecessor Bob Crow in 2014.

Mick Lynch said: ‘I am greatly honoured to have been elected by the RMT’s members.

‘I will maximise the unity of our great organisation, bringing together every sector and grade to build our union’s membership, influence and power. We will grow our union in every workplace as a strong and dynamic force.

‘Our message to the employers and the politicians is that RMT stands ready to campaign and fight against pay freezes, cuts to safety and conditions.

‘We call on the rest of the Labour Movement to stand strong and mobilise against any new age of austerity which makes working people pay for the Covid crisis.’

Outgoing general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘I want to congratulate Mick Lynch on his victory and I know that with Mick now elected as RMT general secretary that the union is in safe hands.

‘There will be huge challenges in the months ahead ‎as employers launch assaults on jobs, pay and pensions using the Covid pandemic as an excuse. 

‘It is crucial that the whole union now unites behind Mick Lynch as general secretary and gives him the support that he will need as RMT focuses on delivering ‎for our members in what we know will be tough days ahead.’

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