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Overhead Line Electrification for Railways

Book Review

Overhead Line Electrification for Railways
By Garry Keenor

Developed over several years by an experienced electrification engineer, this book is intended to provide ‘an approachable and reasonably comprehensive’ study of overhead electrification systems, setting out ‘the why as well as the what’ for readers with some basic engineering knowledge. It is largely based on UK experience with 25 kV 50 Hz and low-voltage DC systems.

Having set out the advantages and disadvantages of electrification against diesel traction, the book briefly considers the historical development of electrification in the UK, and looks at different main line and urban applications. In terms of design and maintenance, the author emphasises that ‘OLE is, above all, a combined electrical and mechanical system, and the requirements of each must be balanced in the design’. Separate chapters then discuss the key electrical and mechanical principles, as well as interfaces with other railway systems including signalling, telecommunications, track and structures.

There are also sections on OLE design, construction, testing and maintenance, including remote condition monitoring.

Available as a PDF download or a limited edition hardback book.

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