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EMUs ordered to increase capacity on the MittelrheinBahn

GERMANY: Siemens Mobility is to supply Transdev subsidiary TransRegio with six Mireo electric multiple-units for use on the Mainz – Bingen southern section of MittelrheinBahn route RB26 which runs along the west bank of the River Rhein between Mainz, Bingen, Koblenz, Bonn and Köln.

The operator currently has 17 Siemens Desiro Mainline units. The additional EMUs will enable it to lengthen trains from two to three Desiro Mainline units on the busy Remagen – Köln northern section of the route from December 2020.

The additional EMUs have been ordered under an agreement between TransRegio, leasing company Alpha Trains and the NVR, SPNV-Nord and SPNV Süd transport authorities.

‘We’ll be meeting growing capacity requirements flexibly with additional trains, all in the framework of the current transport contract and without guarantees from the public sector’, said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Alpha Trains’ passenger division, on May 22.

Siemens Mobility CEO Sabrina Soussan, said the flexibility of the Mireo family meant the EMUs could be provided ‘in record time’. Construction at the company’s Krefeld plant is scheduled to begin at the end of 2019.

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