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Bogies ordered for Sakhalin gauge conversion

RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Tver plant has been awarded a contract to supply 138 broad gauge bogies to Sakhalin to facilitate the regauging of passenger rolling stock. This forms part of the programme to convert the island’s rail network from 1 067 mm narrow gauge to the 1 520 mm broad gauge used on the Russian mainland.

The 285m rouble order has placed through an agreement between TMH’s Roslocomotiv business, operator Sakhalin Passenger Co and the Sakhalin Region Development Corp. 

‘Back in 2003, we began deliveries of passenger coaches to Sakhalin, which replaced the old Japanese and Soviet rolling stock’, said TVZ General Director Andrei Solovey on January 9. ‘The Sakhalin railway traditionally had a gauge of 1 067 mm, and TVZ built coaches taking this into account. As a result of large-scale modernisation, the Sakhalin railways will soon move to the 1 520 gauge and TVZ will supply 138 bogies by the end of May 2019.’

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