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Belarus orders more Flirts

BELARUS: Stadler announced on January 17 that it had received an order from Belarussian national railway BC for a further 10 Flirt trainsets.

The 1 520 mm gauge, five-car Flirt EMUs will be delivered in 2020, joining an existing fleet of 18 trainsets supplied in various batches since 2010. The latest build will be fitted out for inter-regional services with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. They will have wi-fi and a mobile phone signal booster. A real-time condition monitoring tool will also be fitted to transmit data back to BC’s depots.

The trains will complement the seven-car Flirts already used by BC on its core Minsk- Hobel inter-city route. The 93 m long, 3 480 mm wide trainsets will feature 16 first and 244 second-class seats. First class amenities will include individually adjustable seats, electric window blinds and a luggage and cloakroom area.

Second class seating will be offered in a 3+2 layout, and a multipurpose space will be provided for passengers with large items of luggage, prams or wheelchairs. Each train will have three toilets, of which one will be designed for people with reduced mobility.

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