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Breaking: social distancing in England cut to one metre

THE minimum social distancing restriction in England is to be cut to one metre, the Prime Minister has just announced.

The change will come into effect on 4 July, and will have implications for train operating companies and Network Rail, who have worked for some weeks to mark out trains and stations in accordance with the two-metre rule.

Boris Johnson described the new rule as ‘one metre plus’, meaning that people should still keep two metres between themselves and others where this is possible. It is not yet clear what the effects will be on train capacities, but the Prime Minister said all public transport should ‘still be avoided if possible’.

Pubs and restaurants will be able to reopen with some restrictions, including the requirement to have all drinks and food brought to tables. Hotels and campsites, along with tourist attractions, art galleries, museums and libraries, will be able to reopen ‘as long as they can do so safely’. Water parks and some other attractions must remain closed for now.

Places of worship will be able to reopen, subject to social distancing and a limit of 30 people attending weddings. Primary schools will be able to reopen in September.


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